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Only my favorite pieces are in my Featured folder. Please check my other folders for more art!


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First off, I want to say: Ah! What a dollface! She's so sweet. ^.^ The coloring is beautiful, very nicely blended. But there's no real ...

You did the angling of her face very nicely - it's hard to get that foreshortening right. The coloring is pretty, with the use of compl...




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Stacia Joy
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Born on Good Friday in the Midwest, I grew up surrounded by forests and animals and thunderstorms that split the sky. Practically a wild-child, I survived mainly by crafting weapons out of sticks, making up characters to be my comrades, and adhering to a strict diet of cookies. After I grew up a little I relocated to New England to study illustration at RISD:CE. Three years later, I'm now in the Pacific Northwest, having moved to be close to mountains, good coffee, and a bigger writing/illustration community.

I have been writing for ten years, and creating art for about as long. My focus is on speculative fiction and graphic design-slanting illustrations that explore themes of relationships, self-exploration, snark, and a fascination for the natural world. To learn more about my storytelling projects and novels, visit my website.


Small talk kills me. I'll take my coffee black, thanks. Yes, the hair is real.


Just Swallow the Cover Story, Sir

Wishful-thinking character design for HUSH MT, a tv-show with the beautiful angst of a BBC coastal-town police procedural, the grit and classic-rock vibes of Supernatural, and the animation of The Iron Giant. But what's HUSH MT?

Well. Grab a blanket, preferably flannel, down some coffee, and cozy up for a little story time.


A few days ago, I went on a walk in the rainy forest on nearby Tiger Mt, and encountered an abandoned construction site in the very fringe of the treeline, a shooting range I could hear but could not find, and a featureless figure in a German-word-emblazoned raincoat with a beautiful and silent husky beside them. Naturally, my thoughts turned to the paranormal.

Then, because I’m a nerd girl and watch far too many of both animated shows and cop procedurals, I decided to make up an alternate reality for my town. In this fair little metropolis of Hush Mt. (my actual town is located in Squak Valley, a name derived from the Salish word for loud bird cries), the citizens are largely unaware of the Other Beings* who have created their little bubble dimension as a sort of petrie dish in which to study humans in different scenarios, from manipulation of weather to the very laws of nature, even altering time. In order to gain on-the-ground observations of these scenarios, the Other Beings disguise themselves as ordinary humans and walk among the other citizens, but the sights and scents of the human world are so overwhelming to their heightened senses that they project auras of themselves in the form of dogs. Using these like puppets, they can investigate sudden motions, strange smells, or even specimens who may be getting to aware, all while looking like the hapless owner of an excitable or badly trained family pet. 

Most people accept these Other Beings and aura pups as real and valid members of society. They are known as Mrs. Jones. Pat Smith. Little Bobby Fenway. But to others - those who notice (and, more importantly, remember) the lapses and changes in reality - they’re the Bingos. And, of course, a number of these remembers are in the police force. Only so many average Joes and Mary Janes wind up with holes in their brains over dinner or while at book club before someone whose job is literally solving mysteries connects the dots, Marge. And no, don’t add that to the dispatches. We’re having a hard enough time using our training in high-stress scenarios to keep calm enough to prevent the Bingos from getting wise to us without adding it to the airwaves. They eat airwaves, remember?

Anyway. In this alternate reality, I cast myself as Zsazsa (which is kind of a variant of my real name, and my niece’s nickname for me). She’s the HMPD public relations/coverup story agent. I chose this because I am drawn to the police force but wouldn’t qualify due to health reasons, have lots of making stuff up as a writer under my belt, and have learned how to deal with just about anybody through my eight years experience in customer service. 

*Cut me some slack in the naming department, ok? This is just a CONCEPT world. 

Now this one is a digital replica of an actual linocut I carved earlier this year. But with my current situation traditional printing isn't in the picture, so I'm making it available now as a digital print. 

This is the first of a short series: NOBLE CRESTS. The Latin here translates to "Faith, fierce, brave".

Available as a print here on DA now, but in future directly from me! 
Cleaning up my gallery today! My style and content has drastically changed since I first opened this account. Time to freshen up!
Thought of this design last night, whipped it up tonight. The nightshade is an added touch to the original, but I think the addition is a good one. 

Been really wanting to get back into linocuts, but don't have time/funds at the moment, so this at least let me release some of that line-centric, graphic creativity pent up inside. This is a little messier than my usual finishes, but I like that, so far. I need to learn to loosen up more with my linework, so maybe this is a baby step in that direction.

I'll probably have this available as a print - and maybe actual linocut prints at that - some time in the future! 

Art © :icontheynamedherrheulea:
Bare Bones Collection by TheyNamedHerRheulea

"BARE BONES is a collection of poetry, prose, and freeform writings by author/illustrator Stacia Joy that peels back the thick skin of expectations, self-preservation, and societal norms in an attempt to honestly communicate what life with depression and PTSD is like; a glimpse through the stark lens of rediscovering emotional fluency that reveals the juxtaposition of pain and beauty in its rawest form."

Yes, I am finally beginning to share publicly the writings that have helped me process, and are currently helping me process, living with PTSD and the repercussions of (now mostly healed) depression. It's time. Silence doesn't change anything. 

Feel free to read along and either find camaraderie in your own battles, or walk a little way alongside the fighters, learn, and become an ally. 

Read the collection here:

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Oh, I have so many favorite movies. Some of my recent favorites are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Iron Giant, and Captain America. 

And I've just recently begun listening to a band called Kaleo - really like their style! 
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