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Only my favorite pieces are in my Featured folder. Please check my other folders for more art!


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First off, I want to say: Ah! What a dollface! She's so sweet. ^.^ The coloring is beautiful, very nicely blended. But there's no real ...

You did the angling of her face very nicely - it's hard to get that foreshortening right. The coloring is pretty, with the use of compl...


TheyNamedHerRheulea's Profile Picture
Stacia Joy
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Born on Good Friday in the Midwest, I grew up surrounded by forests and animals and thunderstorms that split the sky. Practically a wild-child, I survived mainly by crafting weapons out of sticks, making up characters to be my comrades, and adhering to a strict diet of cookies. After I grew up a little I relocated to New England to study illustration at RISD:CE. But not much else has changed.

I have been writing for ten years, and creating art for about as long. My focus is on speculative fiction and illustrations that explore themes of community/relationships, self-exploration, dry humor, and a fascination for the natural world. To learn more about my storytelling projects and novels, visit my website.


Small talk kills me. I'll take my coffee black, thanks. Yes, the hair is real.


The Hunter Comes
Illustration for SNOWFALL, a retelling of Snow White featuring a lot more ninjas and shapeshifting. Here, the Hunter comes to whisk the little Princess, the last of the Snowbloods, out of the palace of the mother who wants her dead. 

SNOWFALL, art © Stacia Joy/TheyNamedHerRheulea
Hunter Design Variations
Variants of the character design for the Hunter from SNOWFALL, a retelling of Snow White, but with more ninjas, foreign invasions, shapeshifters, and political intrigue. The Hunter here has more secrets up that one leather sleeve than actually being a woman, and as much to gain by killing the Princess of Snow and thus gaining a favored spot in court, as by keeping the last of the Snowbloods alive... 


As those of you who follow my Instagram (@Stacia.Joy) already know, the Hunter is also a Mask. The original inhabitants of the kingdom before the Snow bloodline took control, and the only other magical beings aside from Sorcerers, the Queen of Snow uses them as a scapegoat for her magical assassination of the King. Targeting them in a systematic purging, she thus keeps her subjects and army too busy to seek other answers for the King’s death. But the Mask are far from helpless. As their name implies, they are able to hide their true identity behind others (typically an animal) through shapeshifting, as well channel the abilities of these other identities (which manifests as projections of the individual's gut instincts and senses) while still retaining human form. Here, the Hunter summons the heightened senses and strong claws of her alternate identity, the tiger. 

More on Mask channeling projections and their meanings, as well as their counterpart, Sorcerous projections, later. I gotta finish my other finals for portfolio, first. :P 


© Stacia Joy/TheyNamedHerRheulea


AHHHHHHHH. Ahem. I mean: Finals + workplace toxicity + anxiety + potentially moving 3,000 miles in four months = stress.
And since drawing pissed-off Rykels seems to be my go-to at times like this, I made another one to soothe myself with after spending the entire day on portfolio stuff. It worked. And now I'm getting nostalgic for Conductive and really wanting to write more, even though I know it certainly won't improve my situation feels-wise. 

The one good thing about arting every free moment is that I really like where my style is going. And it's getting easier. 

Art, character © Stacia Joy/TheyNamedHerRheulea 
Womanly Snark at Maximum Level
A close friend of mine coined this description of me. Hit that nail on the head.

Also, I've realized that I actually look like an illustration student, now. (or a video game character...) It's been five years. 'Bout time. 

© Stacia Joy (TheyNamedHerRheulea) 
Bare Bones Collection by TheyNamedHerRheulea

"BARE BONES is a collection of poetry, prose, and freeform writings by author/illustrator Stacia Joy that peels back the thick skin of expectations, self-preservation, and societal norms in an attempt to honestly communicate what life with depression and PTSD is like; a glimpse through the stark lens of rediscovering emotional fluency that reveals the juxtaposition of pain and beauty in its rawest form."

Yes, I am finally beginning to share publicly the writings that have helped me process, and are currently helping me process, living with PTSD and the repercussions of (now mostly healed) depression. It's time. Silence doesn't change anything. 

Feel free to read along and either find camaraderie in your own battles, or walk a little way alongside the fighters, learn, and become an ally. 

Read the collection here:

Journal History


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I see that you like giant robots? well I remember a series called Gundam Wing!
btw you are a very beautiful woman!

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Oh, I have so many favorite movies. Some of my recent favorites are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Iron Giant, and Captain America. 

And I've just recently begun listening to a band called Kaleo - really like their style! 
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