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First off, I want to say: Ah! What a dollface! She's so sweet. ^.^ The coloring is beautiful, very nicely blended. But there's no real ...

You did the angling of her face very nicely - it's hard to get that foreshortening right. The coloring is pretty, with the use of compl...


Stacia Joy
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Born on Good Friday in the Midwest, I grew up surrounded by forests and animals and thunderstorms that split the sky. Practically a wild-child, I survived mainly by crafting weapons out of sticks, making up characters to be my comrades, and adhering to a strict diet of cookies. After I grew up a little I relocated to New England to study illustration at RISD:CE. But not much else has changed.

I have been writing for nine years, and creating art for about as long. My focus is on speculative fiction and illustrations that explore themes of community/relationships, self-exploration, dry humor, and a fascination for the natural world. To learn more about my storytelling projects and novels, visit my website.


Small talk kills me. I'll take my coffee black, thanks. Yes, the hair is real.



Aside from 'Red' and 'BamBam', 'Little Lethal' is a nickname I picked up at work. This one was due to my habit of carrying utility knives in my belt (hey, they're handy) and enjoying going to shooting ranges.

Listened to this collection of my current favorite songs while painting this!…


Self Portrait: Little Lethal
Photoshop, digital texture 

Declare where you stand and what you fight for as a Christian with this original cut-paper illustration inspired by 1 John 3:16-18. Created with my current residency in mind, this mixed-media piece features symbols of Rhode Island (red maple leaves, stars) to bring the statement further home. If you’d like a customized version of this piece with personally symbolic elements within the design, send me a line with your ideas, and we can start planning!

Crafted entirely by hand, THE BANNER AND BATTLE CRY measures 9" x 13" and is made of 100% acid free, archival materials for longevity of color and quality. It would look stunning displayed in a shadowbox or deep-profile frame. 

$80.00 USD + shipping/handling 

(Better photographs coming soon)


Finally getting back into cut paper, and loving it. Follow me over on Instagram ( for sneak peeks of pieces and to get first dibs on the pieces I have up for sale!

Oh hah look I'm alive?

*weeps softly* Guys I've been tired for like three weeks straight. Classes and work. Had my final for a half-semester copywriting class yesterday and rocked it, so tonight upon coming home from work I treated myself to cocoa, Call The Midwife, and drawing up this concept cover for the graphic novel that is my current pet and informal senior project. I might have time to upload some of the concept work I've done so far on this. In the meantime, I'm more active on Instagram (, if you want to keep tabs on my stories there. 

Otherwise, learn about the melancholy baby boy and that sweet raven who are SPLINTER CROWN's main characters here:…
The Chancellor and Lady Natala
Wow I've been dead around here. Finishing manuscripts, working full time, summer classes... it's been a whirlwind for me the past few months. This is just an Instagram picture ( of some lunchtime character sketches, but I figured I'd share them just to show I'm still alive and well! 

Last week I finished the final draft of THE PHOENIX THIEF and sent out my first agent query for it (I just bit the bullet and did it – the first is always the worst, right?) and have subsequently been sketching the characters like crazy to make up for all the time I ignored doing so in favor of just finishing the darn story. 

You can read the full manuscript of THE PHOENIX THIEF over at my Wattpad, and find out just who the Chancellor and Lady Nátala are:…

Also, been digging into the whole steampunk vibe a bit more lately and been replaying The Room 2 (…) in preparation of getting the final game in the trilogy. Ahhh, alchemy and puzzles and inter-dimensional travel. 

© Stacia Joy/TheyNamedHerRheulea
Bare Bones Collection by TheyNamedHerRheulea

"BARE BONES is a collection of poetry, prose, and freeform writings by author/illustrator Stacia Joy that peels back the thick skin of expectations, self-preservation, and societal norms in an attempt to honestly communicate what life with depression and PTSD is like; a glimpse through the stark lens of rediscovering emotional fluency that reveals the juxtaposition of pain and beauty in its rawest form."

Yes, I am finally beginning to share publicly the writings that have helped me process, and are currently helping me process, living with PTSD and the repercussions of (now mostly healed) depression. It's time. Silence doesn't change anything. 

Feel free to read along and either find camaraderie in your own battles, or walk a little way alongside the fighters, learn, and become an ally. 

Read the collection here:

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Hello dear, I would be one of his friends in DA, I really like animals and nature, I see that you are a very talented person, hopefully I can parender both its so unique style, I like space science, the discovery in the field of science and technology, my favorite colors are red, black and gold
I see that you like giant robots? well I remember a series called Gundam Wing!
btw you are a very beautiful woman!

Which is your favorite movie ? :)
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Oh, I have so many favorite movies. Some of my recent favorites are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Iron Giant, and Captain America. 

And I've just recently begun listening to a band called Kaleo - really like their style! 
Saracia Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!  I'm in love with your style of artwork.  It's so unique and different and fun!  I look forward to seeing more from you. :D
TheyNamedHerRheulea Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! And thank you! Heh, I look forward to seeing if I get anything more done in the near future, too.
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